A Personal Bid Coach

Every client is assigned a knowledgeable bidding coach that is your single point of contact. They work together with your staff to keep your bid on schedule and ensure deadlines are met.

A Team of Experts

You have access to our team of nationally recognized experts on the bidding program. Elite customers have direct access to our entire team.

A Proven 18 Step Plan

Our program takes you through a series of steps to ensure that you’ve met every requirement of the bid program. This process is designed to spot problems would disqualify your bid. It was designed by a bid winner that was awarded contracts in every round of the program.

Meet BidCalc

We’ve designed a competition crushing calculator to help you bid. It’s called BidCalc. It takes your inputs and uses Medicare’s weighting data to run over 100,000 simulations of your bid. It’s goal is to arrive at the lowest composite bid while meeting your profit criteria (it’s awesome!).

What’s your chances of winning?

Here’s how our clients stacked up against the national average for Round 2.

Chances of winning on your own (National Average of Round 2)

Bid Prep Clients That Won Contracts In Round 2


Typical Problems we found for our clients

Thought it was "ok" for someone else to enter their bid

Did not understand weighting

Problems in NSC master file

Didn't have proper accreditation for each category being bid

Gathered wrong credit report

Used wrong format for financials

Don’t lose your ability to bill Medicare. Call us today:  (877) 904-7033



Our process begins with a conference call between your company and our advisers. Our goal is to understand your company and to introduce you to our process. This call takes roughly 45 minutes and is designed to set the stage for what is to come.


We’re the creators of BidCalc – the industries smartest bidding calculator. We’ll teach you how to use it in order to craft your perfect bid.

(This is where you crush your competitors :)


Your company will be assigned both a bid counselor and a track. Each week you or your designated staff person will log into a short conference call. This call will review a key area of the bid program and provide an action plan of what needs to be done on your end.

Your counselor will followup with you directly to answer questions and ensure that the project stays on schedule.


Once all of the steps are complete, and your bid is calculated you’re ready to submit it. Only you can enter and submit your bid into Medicare’s DBIDS system. This isn’t our rule, it’s a Federal law. Rest assured that we’re just a phone call away and can walk you through each step.

Don’t lose your ability to bill Medicare. Call us today:  (877) 904-7033



Our system was designed by contracted bid winners that were awarded contracts in Round 1, Round 1 Re-Bid, Round 2, and Round 1 Re-Compete.


Our system is designed with strong project management elements built in. We’ll keep you and your staff on point and in the game.

Bid Calc

We’ve developed the industries best bid calculator. Let Bid Calc run over 100,000 simulations with your data to find the lowest composite bid.


Your bid counselor and our entire staff are here for you any time you need us. We’ve been through the program and are ready to answer your questions.


Our clients love us. You can read about the horror stories that other providers had both on their own and with other consultants. Not us… We have a long list of happy (ecstatic) customers.


We’ve been through everything this program has dished out. We’re ready, willing, and able to guide you through it.

Rick Seyfang

"...We at Fayette Home Health Care Supply, LLC highly recomment Bid Prep. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive... We spoke with other DME companies who opted not to use Bid Prep and by the time the deadline came, those who made the decision to go it alone were regretful."

Jessica Lenoir

"...They have a wide array of employees with knowledge on every aspect of the bidding process. As long as you as a company put in the work Bid Prep will be right beside you every step of the way." - Altus Medical Equipment, Beaumont Texas


"...We would never [have] been able to get through Competitive Bidding without all of your assistance. I mean that sincerely. From the first contact with your agency, you have us the confidence that we would be able to get through this stressful time. We would recommend Bid Prep anytime. See you in three years..."

Thomas Stoughton

"...Your group was knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. The Bid Prep professionals were accessible and responsive. The insight and knowledge of the technical aspects of the bid rules were invaluable to us."

Angela Austin

"...The attention and detail given to me and my client was commendable. I could not have completed the 80 bids that were done if we had not partnered with Bid Prep and had their expertise and guidance throughout the whole process."

Bill Cheek

"...They made the entire bidding process seamless. The staff is very knowledgeable regarding CMS requirements and all documentation required for bidding. Also, the staff was accessible and eager to help when I had questions. I would highly recommend Bid Prep based on my bidding experience!" Carmichales Home Medical Equipment Monroe, GA



  • Bid Prep Core
  • Basic Bid Support
  • Advanced Bid Support
  • Assigned Counselor
  • Video Library
  • Bid Calc
  • Expert Network Access
  • 5 Categories
  • 5 Bid Areas



  • Bid Prep Core
  • Basic Bid Support
  • Advanced Bid Support
  • Assigned Counselor
  • Video Library
  • Bid Calc
  • Expert Network Access
  • 3 Categories
  • 3 Bid Areas